Water Treatment PAC Flocculant

Product Description

Sand Water Treatment PAC Flocculant Drinking Water Polyaluminium Chlorid Pac 30%

It has the ability of degerming, deodorization, defluorination, dechromisation, oil removal, turbidity removal, aluminum removal, removing heavy metallic salt and radioactive contaminants. It has far- ranging uses in the process of purifying various kinds of water source.
1. Purify water for living and drink and domestic sewage.
2. Purify industrial water, industrial sewage, mine reinjection water, oilfield reinjection water, metallurgical sewage, coal washing sewage, leather sewage and all kinds of chemical sewage.
3. Industrial production: Paper sizing, dye printing, bleaching and dyeing, medicine and other industries.
4. In artificial coal industry, it is used for separating coal and water with excellent effect.



Items Liquid Solid (best quality) Solid (first quality) Note
Aluminium 10 MIN 30 MIN 28 MIN Liquid Solid
Basicity B 50 MIN 40-90 40-90 Appearance Appearance
PH value 3.5-5.0 1% liquid 5 MIN 1% liquid 5 MIN Yellow


Plumbum (Pb), PPM 2 MAX 5MAX 12 MAX
Chrome (Cr+6), PPM 2 MAX 4MAX 4 MAX
Arsenic (As), PPM 0 0 0
Cadmium (Cd), PPM 0 0 0
Mercury (Hg), PPM 0 0 0
Insoluble substance in water, % 0.2-0.5 MAX 0.5 MAX 1.0 MAX
Other injurious substances In accordance with national standard In accordance with national standard In accordance with national standard



Main Features
1. After purification, the water quality is better than that of aluminium sulphate flocculating agent, water purification cost is low 15-30% compared with aluminium sulphate.
2. Fast flocculation body formation, fast sedimentation speed, processing capacity bigger than aluminum sulfate and other traditional products .
3. Alkalinity of the water consumption below all kinds of inorganic flocculant,so we Can not input or less alkali agent
4. To adapt to the source water PH5.0-9.0 range can be condensed.
5. Little Corrosive, good operating conditions.
6. Solubility is better than that of aluminum sulfate.
7. Less water saltier, in favour of ion exchange process and high purity water
8. The source of water temperature adaptability is better than that of aluminum sulfate and other inorganic flocculant.