Water Purifier Chemical PAC Yellow Powder

Product Description

Water Purifier Chemical PAC Water Treatment Super Yellow Powder 

Product description

Water Purifier Chemical PAC has adsorption, condensation, precipitation and other properties, its stability is poor, corrosive, if accidentally splashed on the skin should be immediately washed with water. Production personnel to wear work clothes, masks, gloves, wear rubber boots. Polyaluminium chloride has the advantages of good spray drying stability, wide adaptability to water, fast hydrolysis, strong adsorption capacity, large alum, fast quality and dense precipitation, low turbidity of effluent and good dehydration performance. Spray drying products can ensure safety, reduce water accidents, very safe and reliable drinking water for residents. Therefore, polyaluminium chloride, also known as high efficiency polyaluminium chloride, high efficiency PAC or high efficiency grade spray drying polyaluminium chloride.




Items 30% yellow PAC 30% white PAC
Characteristics Appearance Yellow powder White powder
Solubility Easily soluble Easily soluble
Toxicity Non-toxic Non-toxic
Aluminium oxide(Al2O3)% 30.04 30.12
Basicity% 76 46
pH(1% aqueous solution) 4.12 4.12
Water insoluble 1% 0.2 0.06
As. % 0.00015 0.00015
Cr. % 0.0002 0.0002
Cd. % 0.0002 0.0002
Hg. % 0.00001 0.00001
Pb. % 0.0005 0.0005