Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Polyacrylamide in water treatment applications are mainly divided into:urban sewage,industrial wastewater,mixed sewage.In the process of water treatment mainly from the role of flocculation,mainly used in solid-liquid separation

process.including:sedimentation,clarification,concentration and sludge dewatering process.In the practical applicating,combined with field equipment,processing technology,according to the water quality situation to do the selection experiment,select the appropriate model,the amount of additional dosage,the effect is obvious.

Urban sewage

The municipal sewage mainly includes the sewage generated by the daily life of the residents,the sewage generated by the factory enterprises, the rainwater caused by the natural phenomena,the snowwater and so on, which are collected and transported by the urban drainage network to the sewage treatment plant.

Sewage treatment plant will be multi-stage treatment of sewage, the discharge of sludge may cause secondary pollution, so also the sludge treatment,including concentrated,digested,dehydrated,composted or landfill. Dehydration equipment.With the high efficiency of polyacrylamide flocculation,the sludge for solid-liquid separation,the separation of the cake processed into fertilizer or landfill.

Industrial wastewater

Industrial wastewater includes production waste water, production of sewage and cooling water.Factories different nature,different production processes,water quality pollutants are different,the treatment will be different.In the industrial wastewater treatment process,air flotation or settlement link,need to add polyacrylamide,improve the treatment effect.

With the continuous development of scientific and technological strength,the use of polyacrylamide is also more extensive,has been very common in water treatment,not only improve the efficiency of sewage treatment,but also reduce costs.