Oil Drilling

Oil Drilling

Polyacrylamide is a versatile oilfield chemical additive that is mainly used in the field of drilling, tertiary oil recovery and water shutoff in the oil field industry.

Drilling Additive

The role of polyacrylamide is to adjust the rheology of drilling fluid, to prevent leakage and collapse, to maintain the size of the well diameter, lubrication drill, to reduce equipment wear.

Oilfield displacement agent

Oilfield displacement agent is a kind of oil in the oil drilling to improve the oil recovery rate of additives, by reducing the flow ratio of water and oil, adjust the rheology of water, improve oil recovery.

Water blocking agent

In the oil field mining process, due to the formation of heterogeneity, often meet flooding problems,Polyacrylamide as a water shutoff agent is to change the water in the formation of the state of penetration, reduce oil production and improve oil production.